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AAR 3/21/2012 11:39 PM PST

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1 AAR 3/21/2012 11:39 PM PST on Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:39 am

First Off, this is probably going to be shit, as this will be my first time, so give me some slack. Tonight, we ran a simple mission where we were to extract a captured pilot and escort him back to base. Things went relatively smoothly, apart from Tarnished having some problems with his game. We supplied ourselves and set out in our Ural. On arrival, we moved up a street that had many houses and walls, making it ideal for bounding. I, being a corpsman, fell in with Sgt. Hensley while Alpha Team consisted of Cpl. Sivart and Pvt. Huntress and Bravo of Cpl. Tarnished and Cpl. McWilly. As we bounded along the main road, we encountered several spotlights that Sivart took care of. By doing so, we had stirred the hornet's nest, and, as I recall McWilly saying, after we had killed at least 4 enemies, "There are about half a dozen in there...". We soon came under heavy fire which then killed us off. Upon respawning, we entered an ambulance which we then drove into the area, yet not as far as we had when we took the Ural. We found a suitable BOF position, and Bravo was sent in. Myself and Hensley got on top of some roof so that I could do thermal scans and that he would have a better vantage point. After eradicating all hostile forces in the area, we pushed further into the town, using the techniques that Judah taught us, such as bounding. Eventually, after losing a member of Alpha and a member of Bravo, we made our way forward using the squad rush technique and found ourselves at the complex that the pilot was being held. McWilly and Myself, now Alpha, moved to clear a barracks then regrouped with Bravo (Hensley and Sivart) and pushed to and through the complex and the building finding the pilot. As the rest of my squad went to find us a ride, I stayed with the pilot to protect him, just in case. After dealing with some AI issues, we successfully loaded the pilot into the Ural and RTB'd.

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