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Recruitment Policy
1. You Must be mature. This means not dicking around when you're told an order
2. You must be able to take a joke and be friendly with everyone in the regiment, and the community
3. You must have basic knowledge of Warband, or the willingness to learn and get better
4. You must be willing to be part of a community - we play more than M&M
5. You HAVE to have Teamspeak. HAVE TO. No exceptions
6. Steam is a very easy and useful way to contact members. Not required, but wanted very much.

If you want to join, look over the Recruitment Policy and ask yourself questions about that. If you meet the criteria, Post here and your application will be reviewed. you can also sign up at our base of operations in the 1stepi teamspeak (ts3.1stepi.com). you can also contact our Hauptmann, Drtaco directly at http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023754414

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